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Piano lessons

upright piano

Learn to play the piano with Annette Walker in SE London. Adult beginners welcome. You’re never too old to start learning the piano. Think of it this way, if you start at 50 and are still playing at 90 that’s 40 years of practice! Classical, jazz, pop, rock, gospel… it’s all music! The magic ingredients for learning are enthusiasm and having the motivation to practice.

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Piano lessons: I-Play Music Centre

I-Play Music

From September 2016 I’ll be starting my first teaching piano/keyboard lessons at I-Play Music centre in Surrey. After many early years of classical piano study and later years studying and playing jazz, pop, gospel and other styles I’m excited to be able to pass on and share my continuously growing knowledge and experience with others.

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Old Kent Road Tap Dance Company

Old Kent Road Tap Dance Company, photo from Brighton Festival Gala Sept 2015

Watch the promo video of Old Kent Road’s Fall Out following our debut performance at The Place’s Resolution! in February 2015.

For more information about the company please visit Avalon Rathgeb’s contact page

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CB Johnson Big Band (previously WTW Big Band)

CB Johnson directing the WTW Big Band, Arlington Sq, 2013

2020 update: The WTW Big Band was renamed the CB Johnson Big Band in 2019 in honour of the late CB “Cool” Johnson who was the Music Director for many years and an integral member of the music community. CB was a kind and generous musician and facilitator that generated a safe and nurturing environment for new and existing musicians alike and will be greatly missed. RIP CB.

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Keyboard player for Myke Masters Band

I joined the funky, jazz fusion Myke Masters Band (MMB). My first event with MMB – Myke Master Band Clinic – is 1.30-3.30pm on WEDNESDAY 4th November 2015 at the Hideaway Jazz Club in southwest London.

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Gigs galore: Film, Circus, Music and Tap dance

Music notes clipart

Is it possible for me to learn a piano Latin jazz number, based on a Oscar Peterson version, and two songs in time for the debut performance of a new tap company? How about trying my hand at compering for a circus cabaret? Now seems like a good time to take on my first ever physically demanding, feature film job. And while I’m at it, why not throw in a couple of solo guest featured tap dance gigs? Let’s not forget about learning and playing the keyboard in a band for a music gig at the RFH. All in just over one month? Go!

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Music projects

Myke Masters Band at Hideaway Jazz Club, 4th Nov 2015

Since November 2017: Collaborating as dancer-musician with Gary Crosby of the Tomorrow’s Warriors. Since January 2015: Joins the jazz fusion group, Myke Masters Band, and also the tap dance company, Old Kent Road, both as pianist/keyboardist.

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Applying for a Diploma in Jazz and Pop music

Goldsmiths University of London logo

How ELQs nearly scuppered my plans to study a part time Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music at Goldsmiths College (now Goldsmiths, University of London)

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Blues Piano 29 Sept-9 Nov 2009

Grand piano

Journal entry for the Blues Piano course at Goldsmiths in New Cross from 29 September to 9 November 2009

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