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Piano lessons: I-Play Music Centre

I-Play Music

From September 2016 I’ll be starting my first teaching piano/keyboard lessons at I-Play Music centre in Surrey. After many early years of classical piano study and later years studying and playing jazz, pop, gospel and other styles I’m excited to be able to pass on and share my continuously growing knowledge and experience with others.

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Tap dance classes: Dance Physics Autumn 2016

Dance Physics logo

I’ll be teaching intermediate to advance level tap dance classes as part of the Discover Jazz Dance programme of Dance Physics at Lewisham Southwark College. Dance Physics is a new community based initiative aimed at getting all of Lewisham moving and dancing.

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Old Kent Road Tap Dance Company

Old Kent Road Tap Dance Company, photo from Brighton Festival Gala Sept 2015

Watch the promo video of Old Kent Road’s Fall Out following our debut performance at The Place’s Resolution! in February 2015.

For more information about the company please visit Avalon Rathgeb’s contact page

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WTW Big Band

WTW Big Band

It’s always a pleasure to play keys for the lovely community WTW Big Band. I first played a guest number with the supporting WTW Jazz Band a few years ago and have since “depped” (filled in/helped out) on piano for

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Black Sheikhs

Black Sheikhs

In 2016 I joined dancer/choreographer Jessica Murray and dancer Matt Coghill in a new live music and dance show. With music played by the pop and rock vintage jazz style band, The Black Sheikhs, there’s tap dance, Lindy Hop and

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Kicking The Mic

In 2016 I joined Kicking The Mic with Laura Kreifman of Guerilla Dance Project.

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BITES: Remix

Rhythm Talks @BITES Remix

It was great to return to The Albany in Deptford for Upswing and The Albany’s BITES: Remix. Amongst the wonderful acts of Unusual Circus Fusions I performed a rhythmical collaboration with the talented percussionist and vocalist, Devaki Thomas, on a

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