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Valentines with Stunflower

Valentines with Stunflower 2019

A lovely gig at Folklore with my music friend Devaki Thomas and her indie band with a psychedelic roots rock sound from southeast London Stunflower.

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Black Sheikhs

Black Sheikhs

In 2016 I joined dancer/choreographer Jessica Murray and dancer Matt Coghill in a new live music and dance show. With music played by the pop and rock vintage jazz style band, The Black Sheikhs, there’s tap dance, Lindy Hop and

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BITES: Remix

Rhythm Talks @BITES Remix

It was great to return to The Albany in Deptford for Upswing and The Albany’s BITES: Remix. Amongst the wonderful acts of Unusual Circus Fusions I performed a rhythmical collaboration with the talented percussionist and vocalist, Devaki Thomas, on a

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Keyboard player for Myke Masters Band

I joined the funky, jazz fusion Myke Masters Band (MMB). My first event with MMB – Myke Master Band Clinic – is 1.30-3.30pm on WEDNESDAY 4th November 2015 at the Hideaway Jazz Club in southwest London.

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Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts

Sacred Concert - Leweston - Tap piano

February and March 2015 saw 2 Ellington Sacred Concerts just a week a part. Given that this is not a regularly performed concert and that I had only ever done one before it was a very unusual occurrence. Given that they fell in what became an insanely busy month here’s a little account of how they went.

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Nick Zinner: 41 Strings

Violin close-up

Lo and behold I have parts to learn to play in the string orchestra, to be performed at the Royal Festival Hall on Friday 20th June. My first time playing in in this iconic hall. Excited much? You betcha!

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Professional development with musicians

Special tap dance guest Annette Walker with Michele Dress Trio at the Women In Jazz Week at Ronnie Scott’s, 13th March 2010

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