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Associate Artist at ACA Residency 169

GoFundMe Associate Artist ACA Residency 169, Florida, USA

Support Annette Walker’s continuing professional development project. She’s been accepted as an Associate Artist at Atlantic Center for the Arts’s Residency 169 and requires further financial assistance towards the costs.

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Trailblazer Fellowship Award Thank yous

Special thanks to key supporters of Annette’s Trailblazer Fellowship Award 2009-2010

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Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund Report

Annette Walker’s Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Award Report (December 2010)

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Lisa Ullman Travelling Scholarship Fund

Annette Walker receives a Lisa Ullman Travelling Scholarship 2010-2011 for her ADAD Trailblazer Fellowship, tap dance in professional development project 2009-2010

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Awarded a Trailblazer Fellowship

News about being awarded a Trailblazer Fellowship for 2009-2010 by ADAD (Association of Dance from the African Diaspora).

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