Kicking The Mic

In 2016 I joined Kicking The Mic with Laura Kreifman of Guerilla Dance Project.

With a fully reactive LED dress that pulses and changes colour in time to the live sounds, Guerilla Dance Project have once again risen again to the challenge of creating an augmented dance show that fuses cutting edge technology, dance, live interactive sound and visuals. Kicking the Mic allows sound, visuals and dance to hide, change and morph before becoming super human. Guerilla Dance Project



Nov 3 Re:generations 4. Diasporic Dance: Legacies of Imagination, mac Birmingham, UK
May 27 Music Tech Fest, Funkhaus Berlin, Germany
April 9 TEDxRoma, Rome, Italy
March 23 ADAD Open Stage, Bristol University, UK

Visit Kicking the Mic's post on Music Tech Fest Berlin 2016

Kicking The Mic

TEDxRoma, April 2016

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