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Keyboard player for Myke Masters Band

MMB/Myke Masters Band2015 has been a busy year for creative projects and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. While I was in the midst of touring with Edmund The Learned Pig I joined the funky, jazz fusion Myke Masters Band (MMB)!

So beginning on my days off from Edmund and since finishing the theatre tour I’ve been engrossed in piano/keyboard practice and MMB rehearsals with learning tunes, a new style (apparently the genre name “fusion” began as “confusion” which makes sense when you listen closely to the chord progressions) and getting my head around synthesizers and music technology (having been primarily an acoustic piano player).

My first event with MMB will be a short performance and band clinic lead by MMB bassist Myke Masters Lewis. It’s 1.30-3.30pm on WEDNESDAY 4th November 2015 at the Hideaway Jazz Club in southwest London. Here you can catch me playing and chatting all things keyboard/keys/piano. This is my debut performance playing jazz fusion using two keyboards, including a synthesizer.

Calling all Musicians (Beginners, Intermediate, Advance)

Are you interested in taking your musical experience one step further?

Myke Masters will be hosting the Myke Masters Bass, Drums, Keyboard and Guitar Sessions at the Hideaway Jazz Venue on Wednesday 4th November 2015.

This event is for all the serious minded musical artists wishing to get a closer look into what and how some of the tracks from his latest album have been put together. This event will be in the form of a clinic and will begin at 1:30pm and last for two hours. Be sure to make your reservations and book your FREE tickets now!

Behind the scenes

Videos from behind the keys perspective on Wed 4th Nov 2015 at Hideaway Jazz Club in Streatham.

Myke’s Groove

Constructive Criticism

WEDNESDAY 4th November 2015 // 1.30pm-3.30pm
Hideaway Jazz Club
2 Empire Mews,
SW16 2ED
United Kingdom

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Aeriella in Edmund The Learned Pig

Edmund The Learned Pig

I play the role of Aeriella, an aerialist with vertigo, in this “gloriously dark, humane, weird little show” (ThreeWeeks) which is “a short and curly tale of itinerant Circus folk and a Pig who taught himself to read” (Fittings Multimedia Arts). The skills I use in this production include acting, dance, aerial silks and percussion.

Bonaparte’s travelling circus and marvellous menagerie has hit the skids. A zoo with just pigeons, an aerialist with vertigo and a Mr Memory who can’t remember his name. No one was coming. And then into their lives came a Pig…

Edmund the Learned Pig goes on a national tour in 2015 starting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 as part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2015. See below for 2015 tour dates and booking details.
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Annette’s WordPress Tutorial

WordPress for Dummies 6th Edition

In between all the training and creative projects I sometimes sit at the computer and write code. I’ve been doing this ever since I was at primary school. I continued to dabble with code whilst at university and after graduating with a BSc in Photographic and Electronic Imaging Sciences I landed myself a “proper job” as a web coder.

I still occasionally rustle up web pages and email newsletters and often give tips to friends and family but most recently I’ve decided to share my knowledge of web building by launching my own tutorial program.
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Gigs galore: Film, Circus, Music and Tap dance

falloutOld Kent Road
A few years ago I took up jazz piano to help support my tap dance musicianship development. Although I’ve played the odd jazz tune for hoofers at the London Tap Jam (encouraged and supported by one of my past music tutors) I wondered what it would be like to play for choreographed numbers. Well in January I was presented with that very opportunity although it came with a mammoth task of learning set arrangements in a short space of time for a debut performance of Avalon Rathgeb’s bright, young and new tap company Old Kent Road. Nonetheless, it was a challenge I was willing to take on and after 4 weeks of preparation I made my piano solo debut for tap dance with the company’s debut performance at The Place Resolution. An exciting start to the year.
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Annette’s Recipes

Annette's Recipes Food Blog

Annette's Recipes Food BlogLooking for food ideas? I like food. Actually I love food but I’m particular when it comes to it being nutritious, healthy and YUMMY. I started sharing photos (on Facebook) of dishes I had tried from recipes I found online. I soon became inspired to experiment with other food ideas and soon friends and family were asking for recipes. What started as a Facebook album has now evolved to have it’s own domain for my food blog.

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, paleo, pescatarian…

Visit Annette’s Recipes

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Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts

Sacred Concert - Leweston - Tap piano

Flyer: Ellington's Sacred Concerts, Oxford 2015
Sunday 22nd February 2015
Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

Following The Tipton Project’s successful debut of co-compering The Greentop Circus Cabaret my journey from Sheffield back to London included a trip to Oxford University for the first of my tap dance gig’s this year. This was an exciting gig to be a feature tap dancer in, alongside the talents of saxophonist Nigel Hitchcock, jazz singer Tina May as well as the fabulous talents of the Oxford University Jazz Orchestra, the Schola Cantorum of Oxford and the enthusiastic and amazing music director, James Burton.
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Music projects

Myke Masters Band at Hideaway Jazz Club, 4th Nov 2015


Keyboard player for Myke Masters Band

MMB/Myke Masters Band
Annette joined the Myke Masters Band (MMB) on keyboard in September 2015. Her first event with MMB was a set of performances and band clinic lead by MMB bassist Myke Masters Lewis. It was held 1.30-3.30pm on WEDNESDAY 4th November 2015 at the Hideaway Jazz Club in southwest London. This was her debut performance playing jazz fusion using two keyboards, including a synthesizer.

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Old Kent Road

Old Kent Road Presents FALL OUT at The Place on 12 Feb 2015Annette joins the new tap dance company, Old Kent Road, as pianist for their debut performance of Fall Out at The Place’s annual festival Resolution! on Thursday 12th February 2015. Watch the promo video.
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Nick Zinner: 41 Strings

It would seem that I hadn’t learnt my lesson in taking on big performance projects. I signed up to play violin for this event after seeing the email from Goldsmiths.

Lo and behold I have parts to learn to play in the string orchestra, to be performed at the Royal Festival Hall on Friday 20th June. My first time playing in in this iconic hall. Excited much? You betcha!

UK premiere of Nick Zinner: 41 Strings
Friday 20th June 2014
Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London, UK
Part of the Meltdown Festival 2014

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Celebrating the Life of Will Gaines

Thanks to all those who contributed to the Will Gaines’ Funeral & Wake Fund*

Celebrating Will Gaines

Annette Walker is our featured tap dancer at Mycenae House on Friday 13th June from 8pm. With the failing health of Will Gaines – tap dancing legend from Detroit – this was scheduled as a Benefit Concert with The Honkin’ Hepcats, Mick Foster and the Phil Mead Trio. Sadly on Wednesday 7th May Will passed away. However – The Show Goes On – as Will would have wished, now more in the form of a Tribute to, and Celebration of the life of this ‘King of The Hoofers’.

Facebook Event (now passed)

Read more about Will Gaines


* Online donations page kindly set up by Dance UK (now One Dance UK) for which Annette is a member. Support also provided by ADAD and Greenwich Dance

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Will Gaines

Bebop master hoofer, tap dance legend from Detroit who settled in the UK and subsequently influenced the UK jazz tap scene including the London Tap Jam.

DONATE to Will Gaines’ Funeral & Wake Fund
Online donations page kindly set up by Dance UK


Will Gaines on Arthur Haynes TV show


Playlist of Youtube clips


Portrait of Will Gaines by Dick Jones

Celebrating the Life of Will Gaines – Fri 13 June 2014

Celebrating Will Gaines
Fri 13 June 2014. From 8pm. £10
Mycenae House, 90 Mycenae Road, Blackheath, London, SE3 7SE
Hosted by

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