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One Dance UK AGM 2017

One Dance UK AGM 2017 House of Commons

One Dance UK hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the House of Commons on 7 December 2017.

I was invited to perform at the event with Gary Crosby (Artistic Director of Tomorrow’s Warriors). We had just recently started working together and included our newly arranged duet of Cute in our set.

To our pleasant surprise it turned out we were the only live entertainment for the evening and closed the business of the meeting before enjoying socialising with the members.
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Bloom Festival: Evening of Jazz Dance and Music

ODUK Bloom Festival 2017 - An Evening of Jazz

Bloom National Festival of Dance of the African Diaspora 2017

The Bloom National Festival explores and celebrates dance from Africa and its diaspora through performances, film, open workshops and discussions.

On 4th August I took part in a panel discussion for One Dance UK’s, Bloom Festival event, An Evening of Jazz – Dance and Music
at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre (London, UK).

Panel experts: ODUK Bloom Festival 2017 - Jazz dance and music

Front from bottom left: Joyce Gyimah, S. Ama Wray, Gary Crosby, Gary Nurse. Back from top left: Annette Walker, Sean Graham, Heather Benson, Jreena Green

The expert panel of artists: Dr Sheron Wray, Annette Walker, Jreena Green, Sean Graham, Gary Nurse, Joyce Gyimah and Gary Crosby OBE
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Piano lessons: I-Play Music Centre

I-Play Music

From September 2016 I’ll start tutoring my first lessons in piano/keyboard at I-Play Music centre in Surrey. After many early years of classical piano study and later years studying and playing jazz, pop, gospel and other styles I’m excited to be able to pass on and share my continuously growing knowledge and experience with others. Working with musical artistic development centre founder and director, Myke, I’ll be preparing students for their next Grade exams and assisting with the end of summer term Concert and Presentation Day in July 2017.
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Tap dance classes: Dance Physics Autumn 2016

Dance Physics logo

I’ll be teaching intermediate to advance level tap dance classes as part of the Discover Jazz Dance programme of Dance Physics at Lewisham Southwark College.

The Discover Jazz Dance programme aims to educate and develop new discourse on the Jazz dance genre. Practical classes explore a range of techniques and is aimed at developing Jazz dancers and lovers alike, come and experience the wonder and magic of Jazz Dance.

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Old Kent Road Tap Dance Company

Old Kent Road Tap Dance Company, photo from Brighton Festival Gala Sept 2015

Old Kent Road logo

See the sound. Feel the Movement. Uncover the conversations between music and emotion through choreography and improvisation. (Fall Out, Old Kent Road)

In January 2015 I joined the Old Kent Road tap company as pianist for their debut performance of Fall Out at The Place’s annual festival Resolution! on Thursday 12th February 2015.
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CB Johnson Big Band (previously WTW Big Band)

CB Johnson directing the WTW Big Band, Arlington Sq, 2013

2020 update: The WTW Big Band was renamed the CB Johnson Big Band in 2019 in honour of the late CB Johnson who was an integral member of the music community. See the Facebook page for footage of past gigs and information on their upcoming events.

It’s always a pleasure to play keys for the lovely community WTW Big Band. I first played a guest number with the supporting WTW Jazz Band (a.k.a the small band) a few years ago and have since “dep’d” (filled in/cover) on piano for several of the big band gigs. It’s been my introduction and education in playing with a big band and has come with many challenges, most notably fast sight-reading!
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Black Sheikhs

The Black Sheikhs musicians and dancers photo, 2016

In 2016 I joined dancer/choreographer Jessica Murray and dancer Matt Coghill in a new live music and dance show. With music played by the pop and rock vintage jazz style band, The Black Sheikhs, there’s tap dance, Lindy Hop and comedy. For the show I’m excited to have dusted of my shiny silver, LaDuca Roxie tap shoes to pay homage to Ann Miller’s Too Darn Hot tap routine complete with a hot pink costume with tassels, a pair of long pink gloves and a fan!
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Kicking The Mic

In 2016 I joined Kicking The Mic with Laura Kreifman of Guerilla Dance Project.
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BITES: Remix

Rhythm Talks @BITES Remix

It was great to return to The Albany in Deptford for Upswing and The Albany’s BITES: Remix. Amongst the wonderful acts of Unusual Circus Fusions I performed a rhythmical collaboration with the talented percussionist and vocalist, Devaki Thomas, on a newly created “improvographical” piece called Rhythm Talks.
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Tap dance classes: December 2015

Tap dance classes at Dance Attic in London UK on 2nd and 9th Dec 2015

Tap away the Winter blues this December

Two new dates of TAP DANCE classes (covering for Rachel Chapman) at Dance Attic Studios in Fulham, London (England, UK).

Classes will be on Wednesday 2nd & 9th December 2015 at the following times:

6.30pm Intermediate
7.30pm Advanced Beginners (General)
8.30pm Absolute Beginners

Price: £5 per class
Address: Dance Attic Studios, 368 North End Rd, London, SW6 1LY, United Kingdom
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