WTW Big Band

It’s always a pleasure to play keys for the lovely community WTW Big Band. I first played a guest number with the supporting WTW Jazz Band a few years ago and have since “depped” (filled in/helped out) on piano for a few big band gigs. It’s been my introduction and education in playing with a big band and has come with many challenges, most notably sight-reading!

Brunswick Park Primary School, 11th June 2016I’m not sure if my sight-reading has improved but learning tunes has, in general, definitely sped up. I have my seven years in Bromley Schools Orchestra as a violinist to thank for my ability to keep up with reading big band charts.

For several years the WTW Big Band have played at the Brunswick Primary School Summer Fair in Southgate, North London and 2016 was my second time with them. The previous year I was so ridiculously nervous, anxious and overly self-critical of mistakes I made that I came away from the gig with very mixed feelings about my playing. But I’m glad I’ve persevered and although the nerves are still there, at least I now manage to enjoy some of the tunes. And I’m pretty chuffed with myself for not getting lost or too frazzled from the wind whipping over my pages at random points whilst playing.



June 18 WTW Big Band Playing at Hargrave Hall Annual Fair
June 11 WTW Big Band at Brunswick Park Primary School Fair


July 25 WTW Big Band at Edmonton Festival
June 6 WTW Big Band at Brunswick Park Primary School Fair


May 13 Guest with WTW Small/Jazz Band

WTW Big Band

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