The Business of Dance

Trailblazer session: The Business of Dance with Sinead Macmanus – Wednesday January 20th, 2010

ADAD brought expert Sinead Macmanus on board to lend us Trailblazer’s a helping hand. Sinead began with a virtual meeting (online) to plan for the actual day. It turned out that there were many subjects related to running a dance business that we wanted to cover.

The online meeting proved to be key in setting up the schedule for the day and although the list of subjects for Sinead to cover seemed a bit ambitious, she successfully covered planning, strategy, budgeting and financial management, funding, touring and venues in the session, and allowed time to discuss things at the end. And since the day was rather information intensive Sinead also provided additional resources that would be useful for us mull over in our own time. I still have a few things to chase myself up on but it’s good to know there’s a support system pointing me in the right direction when the time comes.

Now all I need to do is set myself up with a workable system I can maintain to stay on top of the management of projects.

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