Tap dance professional development plan

I first went to New York for tap dance in 2002 and attended Heather Cornell’s NYC Tap Intensive as well as the Tap City tap festival. Every year since then, I receive information about both but have not managed to return to either. Now “festivals” I find a bit expensive but a good opportunity for tasters in different teachers’ styles. “Intensives” are more focused on particular areas but I hadn’t been able to attend one since the first Tapmotif in Lefkada, Greece in 2007. In 2005 I spent 3 months in the USA, mainly tap dancing.

Well now with the support of the Trailblazer Fellowship I’m able to budget and plan for professional development. So when I read the schedule for Heather Cornell’s 20th Anniversary NYC Rhythm Tap Intensive Workshop with live music I was excited that it matches the focus of my project. But then again my project has been inspired by tap dancers I’ve seen on numerous occasions, such as Heather Cornell, Roxane Butterfly and Max Pollak, who have worked closely with musicians for many years. What’s more Heather’s Back to our roots – Jazz intensive is her last and The 20th Anniversary Celebration is for 20 Students only.

Heather Cornell’s Rhythm Tap Intensive you will get the same individual attention that Heather offered her company members and dancers in her professional training program for two decades.

From Manhattan Tap Intensive with Heather Cornell on www.manhattantap.org

Of course I’m now fully signed up for the two weeks in July. And whilst in New York I’ll be using the opportunity to check out the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts for tap and jazz research. It will also be great to catch up with old tap buddies and make new contacts, particularly since there’s likely to be a lot of tap visitors in town for the Tap City festival the first week of July. And budget permitting, I might be able to squeeze in a master class or two at Tap City as well!

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