Short films

The short films I’ve featured in include DATELEAP (2022), Symphony of Skills (2022) and Time Bascule (2020)

Symphony of Skills (2022)

Directed by Karen Wood
This dance film captures the skills of one family who are born and raised in Birmingham. The film combines tap dancing and drumming with typing on an old typewriter, each skill providing its own sound, adding to the sound score. The film celebrates three heritage sites, linked to my family, in the inner suburbs of Birmingham and where communities of people settled, worked, grew up and continue to. Rooted in Anglo-Irish heritage, the entanglement of dance and music are ever-present.
BIDF 2022 Midlands Made Screendance


Directed by Jack Evans
Amidst media controversy, a virtual reality dating app sweeps Callum and Rachel back to the 1930s.
But when their swinging fling takes an unexpected turn, any hope of a future together hangs in the balance.

Time Bascule (2020)

Directed by Di Mainstone
The film reimagines Tower Bridge as a giant musical instrument, drawing inspiration from one of the first women to work on the Bridge – Hannah Griggs, who cooked for the Bridge Master and his family between 1911-1915. Hannah plays the role of musical maestro to pluck the strings and ‘play’ the iconic London landmark.

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