Journal summary: Dec 2008-July 2009

So I’ve been stuck at home with a fractured rib for over 2 weeks but it’s not all been bad. After getting over the worst of the pain I’ve watched all the episodes of Private Practice, a bit of Ghost Whisperer, spent way too much time on email and Facebook and have had time to play on my Wii. I’ve also had time to think about how interesting this year has been for me so far…

Dec 2008 – Feb 2009 – On tour
I was away, tap dancing on tour in Europe and Russia. It was hard work but fun times despite the intense travel schedule and a few hiccups including getting stuck in a barrel during a performance, and nearly being kidnapped with a friend by a crazy taxi driver in Russia! Thankfully we were in a group and had other friends to prevent us being whisked away. Whilst on tour I was looking forward to coming home but when I got home I found I missed being on tour with all my tour buddies. Doh!

March 2009 – Get my acts together
Now recovered from tour and back in London I created a new dance and aerial training schedule for myself. This was me time to work on both my tap and silks projects.

April 2009 – Spain
I spent several days working as a dance judge for a sports festival in Spain. With a few thousand British uni students there for the festival taking part in various sports and dance activities it was certainly an interesting experience. I made the most of being by the sea and stayed on a few days in Spain for a holiday although it rained alot.

June 2009 – Glastonbury Festival
This was my first festival camping experience and my first festival gig. It didn’t exactly go smoothly to begin. First there was a delay in the set up for the circus performance. Then my friends and I had to spent an afternoon moving with all our stuff – inbetween the down pours of rain – to a quieter campsite where we might get some sleep at night. It all worked out in the end. We got to perform and got some sleep!

I drove back to London (3-4hrs drive) and made my way to the London Tap Jam to do the renegade stage and jam. It was nice to jam with some old tap friends from tour that were visiting. Then a couple of days later, still exhausted from Glasto, I managed to muster enough energy for a tap performance at the private view for the Jazzonia & the Harlem Diaspora exhibition. It took a while to recover from everything and get cracking with training/rehearsing.

July 2009 – Pop!
Rehearsing my aerial silks act for a gig, I managed to pop a rib midroll in a Double Curly Wurly. Very painful. So I missed out on performing (both silks and other tap gigs), missed out on an interesting audition opportunity and spent my birthday resting. I’m recovering, no longer in pain and looking forward to my rib healing extra strong. Oh and looking forward to going on my summer holiday before returning to my activities later next month.

This year has been great so far and the rib cracking drama makes the good time extra memorable. I’ve enjoyed making new friends, reuniting with old friends, catching up with family and all the lovely parties and events there have been.

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