My first Glastonbury Festival

I had a great time. I travelled to the festival with Hangar Arts Trust, AirTime circus artists Danilo, Gemma, Clara & Alcina in my little Peugeot 206 in true contorted fashion with all our stuff and camping gear. I’m not sure how we all fit but somehow we made it work. Fun times!

– Sunshine
– Finding random, small bands
– Dancing
– Fun activities with fun circus people
– Chilling outdoors (although I needed hayfever tablets)
– Watching other circus acts
– Finding the quieter crew camp site
– Meeting lovely people
– Performing in Bassline Circus tent at Shangri-La

– Porta loos
– Showers too hot or too cold
– Rain, mud and dirt
– 2 days delay before rigging and performance – bit of stress and missed the big stage gigs but all went well in the end!
– Noisy campsite with drunk people falling onto tent so having to spend Friday afternoon moving to a quieter campsite after the rain
– Slightly damp and cramped tent
– 2x 30-40min walk to car with heavy bags
– Leaving a day early

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