Technical Writer

Technical Writer/Author/Editor
Annette has worked for over fifteen years in the digital marketing industry as a web consultant and technical writing has been incorporated into many of of her roles. Over the years she has been involved in numerous writing tasks, from proof-reading drafts of film scripts, to creating technical manuals, developing and reviewing user guides. Her strong verbal and writing skills has led to many of her web development positions being expanded to include creating manuals and training new technical team members, many of whom have been from a non-technical background.

In 2004 she moved from working in full-time permanent roles to freelance contract roles in order to gain flexibility for work/life balance. It has meant that she has worked for a diverse range of companies and gained experience in many processes as well as engaging with many types of people. She has provided documentation on best practices for web designers and web developers, edited numerous manuals started by web developers who struggled with communicating their processes and provided presentations based on research of new software. In addition, she is currently developing a tutorial for non-technical individuals to learn how to build their own basic website.

Annette continues to write and edit technical documents within web contract roles but is expanding into contracts outside of web development that focus specifically on this set of detailed tasks. Outside of web development she has written for dance magazines, newsletters and research projects, some of which are available to read at

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