Annette’s WordPress Tutorial

In between all the training and creative projects I sometimes sit at the computer and write code. I’ve been doing this ever since I was at primary school. I continued to dabble with code whilst at university and after graduating with a BSc in Photographic and Electronic Imaging Sciences I landed myself a “proper job” as a web coder.

I still occasionally rustle up web pages and email newsletters and often give tips to friends and family but most recently I’ve decided to share my knowledge of web building by launching my own tutorial program.

With all the tools that are now available you don’t need years of coding knowledge to put together your own website. What you do need is a laptop (with internet connectivity), an email address, motivation for problem-solving and a willingness to learn.

Annette’s WordPress Tutorial

If you’re looking for some guidance on website building and management and are not afraid to get “stuck in” then my new WordPress Tutorial for beginners will help get you started.


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